Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to do?!

Haven't been blogging for these few days... Reason?! NOTHING TO BLOG LA... Nothing new to discover in this small and hot Singapore. Eat, Shit and Sleep. That's what all people do right? Watch the TV, read magazines(not story-book), attend Sy practices on Mon and Wed nights... HA! I have to really, SEARCH for stuff to keep me busy sometimes when I'm kept at home. My Baobao is such a bitch. (Alright, she is) I can't bring her for a walk cause she is an anti-social dog which doesn't like strangers! She only knows 5 people. Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and me.! 'YAY'. Anyway, my dog IS unique. Dogs will usually fetch the ball back to their owner but mine, Hmph, you have to play 'catching' with her in order to get hold of that freaking ball. Cute eh? LOVE HER though she's naughty! Just want her to change her 'anyhow-bark' attitude. That's all.


NEW MOON(The next book after TWILIGHT) MOVIE is said to be release on 20/11/2009!!! Ooh~ Can't Wait To Watch!


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