Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race To Witch Mountain

Amazingly, we took the public transport to Orchard yesterday! My sister finally realise that spending money on cab is a waste! Yay! My sis is known to be a BIG-SPENDER on cabs in our family. Ha! So come on people! A bit of encouragement, ya?! Oh yep, ANYWAY, the main purpose of us, heading to town, was that we wanted to catch a night movie. So, It's the Race to Witch Mountain. (She prefers this movie, compared to others...)

A much-more-better movie compared to the Dragonball. Haha! It's about aliens... I think Dwayne Johnson is funny and Alexander Ludwig, Ha!, Not-bad looking! :D

Ate at this restaurant whereby it's appetizers were more yummy than the main dishes! Lesson learnt: Not to have dinner at THE CATHAY. Reason? LONG QUEUE.

This picture is taken in the cinema! Cool?! And That's all for the day!


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