Saturday, March 7, 2009


Watched 'Push' with shiang ling and my brother yesterday at the AMK. :) (Shiang bought me a pink strap for keys! THANKS, darling!) Haven't been watching movie together since our 'O' Level ended?

This movie is okay la. Some part not very exciting. The filming of the movie, hmm... not very good. But! All movies should at least watched ONCE. :) That's my rule! By the way, both of us did not bring our cameras so... no photos AGAIN! HA! So boring... Always no photos of myself in my own blog... -.- I know you guys misses my face! :P Oh ya! Anyway, I heard that we have to do A MATHS during orientation?! It's like, WHAT THE HELL? They must be kidding man!! I hope this is untrue!


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