Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh gosh! I'm really getting lazy... Switching on the computer to blog about my day. It's been PRETTY normal for me. Shopping at Suntec and Orchard. Bought a cute short. Saw Sihui and Darren at the sports whole sale. Oops! Ya, I dig cheap stuff. :p But I always, NEVER, find anything I like during sales. Sigh... Even shopping for cheap stuff needs skills, I guess. I have decided to learn driving next year after my family went looking for cars today! AND it's FOR my brother and sister... (RAH) They are deciding on the colour but I Adore this colour!

It's nice! HAHA!! Alright... I'm bias towards pink stuff... :)

Orientation is around the corner! About 4 days form now? Thinking of it makes me nervous. I seriously DON'T KNOW ANYONE from Info technology! Nerve wrecking! Arghh! Will be like lost?! Hate that feeling... Okay okay, shall drop this subject until the day before.[While sleeping] Before ending this post, I just wanna wish WENLIN AND JASON, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Both of you are now 17!! YAY! Please start behaving and thinking maturely! :P HEE~ Hope both of you will enjoy your birthday! :D TATA.


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