Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Medical Checkup!

1st: Online Enrollment, DONE.

2nd: School Fees, DONE.

3rd: Medical Checkup, DONE. Just went with Bethany and Wenlin today! :D

4th: Mail Back To NYP, NOT DONE.

Hmm.... I will mail it this coming friday whereby I will catch a movie with Bethany, Doreen, Hweeteng & Wenlin! :D (Not confirm.) OOH! And the Best thing is that Britney's new single, "If U Seek Amy" SINGLE is coming out TODAY!

Her world tour starts today too! MY GOD! She is indeed VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD in dancing! OH! And... And Heroes Season 4 or season 3 part 2 + The Perfect Cut 2(The Channel U, plastic surgery show) are premiering TOMORROW!

OH MY GOD~ I am going to be very busy... ...


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