Friday, March 20, 2009

Mahjong Session At Ah Wen House

Met up with [Hwee teng], Ah Wen[Wenlin] & Dodo[Doreen]. They are the kakis for today's mahjong session! Today's luck, hmm, Not bad.! Win quite a number of rounds! HEH. Anyway, who thinks english songs are noisy? Raise up your hands! Because the cavewoman[Hwee teng] can't stand english songs. Weird eh? She actually prefers Chinese songs! So Chi-na. She and Dodo like slow songs(That explains why so little people visit my blog!), unlike me and Ah wen! OOH~ That's why we are the so-called "Twins"! Sigh...Unfortunately, I had to attend ruan lesson so, said bye-bye to them and left early! :)


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