Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gimme more DVDs

Finally! BOUGHT NEW DVDs to watch! (21 of them) :D That's why I haven't been blogging AGAIN for the past few days. NYP people just called me to remind me of the orientation, to wear sport shoes/sneakers and where to assemble. -.-... Alright! MUST LOOK FORWARD TO IT!! Eh... Well... Look forward to playing ice-breaker?! Boring leh. Well, just wish that there will less introducing. Just watch Die hard(1).

YES. Old Movie... But it's time duration was 2 hours! Gosh. Are all old movies that long?! Well... Not bad movie though it's a bit draggy. (Hope the upcoming harry potter will be that draggy too!) Okay! I shall go play dynasty warrior on PS2! Haha!!! My god... I'm like damn tom-boy right? Am I?


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