Sunday, March 15, 2009


You won't want to believe this, but I just watched two of the least favorite movies recently! HAHA. What a joke. One of them was...


Watched this with Doreen, Hweeteng and Wenlin.(Friday) And we forgot to take our cameras so, AGAIN, No PHOTOS! Well... It's obviously scary as the movie is made to scare 'timid' people like ourselves. HMPH. We were like, 'laughing' to keep ourselves from having heart attacks and covering our ears before those predicted "BOO" scenes so that we weren't be screaming our heads off. But unfortunately, some particular parts didn't work! It's VERY unexpected! And there's this part, it freaking scared us for 3 consecutive times! It was actually fun to watch horror films with your friends though.! :)

Another movie was...


Another lame movie. I just came back from the movie with my sister and brother. It is produce by Stephen Chow. -.- Chow Yun Fat's action is kinda funny in this movie. This movie has some kind of, curse, Sleepy curse. Made me very tired after the movie. Ha. I don't know why. Maybe the story line IS boring?

Before catching THAT movie, we went to eat GOOD FOOD at this 7-course meal restaurant. The food is really good! It's recommended by my brother...

Only took one proper picture. Sigh. Becoming less interested in cam-whoring... (Reason: Lazy and Shy. :P)

When you settle down, they give you this so-called 'appetizer'.

Next! The real appetizer!

This is half-eaten Mushroom soup...

Guess what's this! Nope.... Not tea... It's Fish soup! COOL right?!

Their drinks are unique and Tasty. :D I can still remember the smell~

My sis NOT enjoying her "SPICY" stingray. (Reason: It's not spicy)

My main course: Flounder with cheese.

Brother's half-chopped steak.

And... That's all!


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