Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Girl's Day.!

It's SOMEONE's BIRTHDAY so we have to meet up to celebrate her 17th birthday~ She's very lucky right?! Got kind-souls like us... :P OH! I managed to survive without lunch!! OOH. I mean, cause we were eating the tea-time buffet at Sakae which only starts at 3pm... (It's like lunch + dinner) So, before gobbling down sushi(s), We went to watch Hotel For Dogs.!

Nice Movie for Dog's lover~ Like ME! The dogs were so damn cute! Of course, My Baobao is the cutest! Just hope that she won't BARK. I didn't know dogs french kisses. Ha! Sweet eh? I saw wenlin trying to wipe off her black-tears (Due to eye makeup) with her WHITE jacket during the movie. Haha! :) And she could still turn to me and laugh. (-.-).

Pictures taken before the movie...

Doreen forces to squeeze into this shot... :P

Pictures taken with the Very Important Birthday Girl.

After movie, It's SAKAE TIME!

Oops! I also don't know why I didn't take any pictures of dishes with yummy food but instead... Alright! Anyway, we actually ate from 3-6pm! Gosh! I guess we got lots of catching up to do and Bethany/Bear came! And there WAS THIS CAVEWOMAN(Hwee teng) who had us all puking over a bowl of Loster Salad!!! Ya. Her prediction was wrong cause she said that the picture looks yucky so it must be nice! You know, those don't look on the outside stuff. And unfortunately, she was that unlucky! HAHA! BINGO. It's super... *puke*. We have to play scissor, paper, stone to decide who eat. Except for wenlin, she could eat ANYTHING. Yes, anything! haha!

After 20 minutes of consideration with our stomachs bulging out, cavewoman finally agrees to watch Confessions Of A Shopoholic! Teng Zhou join us when we were deciding. (He says I've gain weight and my voice break?!) Aiya... we don't come out often ma, never mind la. Right, Ah ba?! :P

Nice movie for women who shops a lot! It's funny when she was dancing with the fun! HAHA! She's good!

And our day ends with a 'POK'! Do I have to explain what the sound stands for?


Monday, March 30, 2009


Oh gosh! I'm really getting lazy... Switching on the computer to blog about my day. It's been PRETTY normal for me. Shopping at Suntec and Orchard. Bought a cute short. Saw Sihui and Darren at the sports whole sale. Oops! Ya, I dig cheap stuff. :p But I always, NEVER, find anything I like during sales. Sigh... Even shopping for cheap stuff needs skills, I guess. I have decided to learn driving next year after my family went looking for cars today! AND it's FOR my brother and sister... (RAH) They are deciding on the colour but I Adore this colour!

It's nice! HAHA!! Alright... I'm bias towards pink stuff... :)

Orientation is around the corner! About 4 days form now? Thinking of it makes me nervous. I seriously DON'T KNOW ANYONE from Info technology! Nerve wrecking! Arghh! Will be like lost?! Hate that feeling... Okay okay, shall drop this subject until the day before.[While sleeping] Before ending this post, I just wanna wish WENLIN AND JASON, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Both of you are now 17!! YAY! Please start behaving and thinking maturely! :P HEE~ Hope both of you will enjoy your birthday! :D TATA.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gimme more DVDs

Finally! BOUGHT NEW DVDs to watch! (21 of them) :D That's why I haven't been blogging AGAIN for the past few days. NYP people just called me to remind me of the orientation, to wear sport shoes/sneakers and where to assemble. -.-... Alright! MUST LOOK FORWARD TO IT!! Eh... Well... Look forward to playing ice-breaker?! Boring leh. Well, just wish that there will less introducing. Just watch Die hard(1).

YES. Old Movie... But it's time duration was 2 hours! Gosh. Are all old movies that long?! Well... Not bad movie though it's a bit draggy. (Hope the upcoming harry potter will be that draggy too!) Okay! I shall go play dynasty warrior on PS2! Haha!!! My god... I'm like damn tom-boy right? Am I?


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Race To Witch Mountain

Amazingly, we took the public transport to Orchard yesterday! My sister finally realise that spending money on cab is a waste! Yay! My sis is known to be a BIG-SPENDER on cabs in our family. Ha! So come on people! A bit of encouragement, ya?! Oh yep, ANYWAY, the main purpose of us, heading to town, was that we wanted to catch a night movie. So, It's the Race to Witch Mountain. (She prefers this movie, compared to others...)

A much-more-better movie compared to the Dragonball. Haha! It's about aliens... I think Dwayne Johnson is funny and Alexander Ludwig, Ha!, Not-bad looking! :D

Ate at this restaurant whereby it's appetizers were more yummy than the main dishes! Lesson learnt: Not to have dinner at THE CATHAY. Reason? LONG QUEUE.

This picture is taken in the cinema! Cool?! And That's all for the day!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Mahjong Session At Ah Wen House

Met up with [Hwee teng], Ah Wen[Wenlin] & Dodo[Doreen]. They are the kakis for today's mahjong session! Today's luck, hmm, Not bad.! Win quite a number of rounds! HEH. Anyway, who thinks english songs are noisy? Raise up your hands! Because the cavewoman[Hwee teng] can't stand english songs. Weird eh? She actually prefers Chinese songs! So Chi-na. She and Dodo like slow songs(That explains why so little people visit my blog!), unlike me and Ah wen! OOH~ That's why we are the so-called "Twins"! Sigh...Unfortunately, I had to attend ruan lesson so, said bye-bye to them and left early! :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What to do?!

Haven't been blogging for these few days... Reason?! NOTHING TO BLOG LA... Nothing new to discover in this small and hot Singapore. Eat, Shit and Sleep. That's what all people do right? Watch the TV, read magazines(not story-book), attend Sy practices on Mon and Wed nights... HA! I have to really, SEARCH for stuff to keep me busy sometimes when I'm kept at home. My Baobao is such a bitch. (Alright, she is) I can't bring her for a walk cause she is an anti-social dog which doesn't like strangers! She only knows 5 people. Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and me.! 'YAY'. Anyway, my dog IS unique. Dogs will usually fetch the ball back to their owner but mine, Hmph, you have to play 'catching' with her in order to get hold of that freaking ball. Cute eh? LOVE HER though she's naughty! Just want her to change her 'anyhow-bark' attitude. That's all.


NEW MOON(The next book after TWILIGHT) MOVIE is said to be release on 20/11/2009!!! Ooh~ Can't Wait To Watch!


Monday, March 16, 2009

If U Seek Amy!

Presenting the new official music video of britney's If U Seek Amy!

The real MTV starts from 0:51

I'm now catching American Next Top Model cycle 12! :) And the OH MY GOSH THING is that there is cycle 13 and it's for SHORT PEOPLE like us! MY GOD! It's for girls who are below 5ft7.! I CAN BE A MODEL! LOL.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


You won't want to believe this, but I just watched two of the least favorite movies recently! HAHA. What a joke. One of them was...


Watched this with Doreen, Hweeteng and Wenlin.(Friday) And we forgot to take our cameras so, AGAIN, No PHOTOS! Well... It's obviously scary as the movie is made to scare 'timid' people like ourselves. HMPH. We were like, 'laughing' to keep ourselves from having heart attacks and covering our ears before those predicted "BOO" scenes so that we weren't be screaming our heads off. But unfortunately, some particular parts didn't work! It's VERY unexpected! And there's this part, it freaking scared us for 3 consecutive times! It was actually fun to watch horror films with your friends though.! :)

Another movie was...


Another lame movie. I just came back from the movie with my sister and brother. It is produce by Stephen Chow. -.- Chow Yun Fat's action is kinda funny in this movie. This movie has some kind of, curse, Sleepy curse. Made me very tired after the movie. Ha. I don't know why. Maybe the story line IS boring?

Before catching THAT movie, we went to eat GOOD FOOD at this 7-course meal restaurant. The food is really good! It's recommended by my brother...

Only took one proper picture. Sigh. Becoming less interested in cam-whoring... (Reason: Lazy and Shy. :P)

When you settle down, they give you this so-called 'appetizer'.

Next! The real appetizer!

This is half-eaten Mushroom soup...

Guess what's this! Nope.... Not tea... It's Fish soup! COOL right?!

Their drinks are unique and Tasty. :D I can still remember the smell~

My sis NOT enjoying her "SPICY" stingray. (Reason: It's not spicy)

My main course: Flounder with cheese.

Brother's half-chopped steak.

And... That's all!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 13th Movies.

Kinda excited that I'm about to meet up with my BUDDIES again to catch a movie this friday! As you know, I didn't date with anyone recently. HA. Hmm... I'm thinking, "What movies should we watch?" Shall decide now rather than LAST MINUTE. I Don't want it to be cancelled again!!




This is what wenlin suggested! My god! She's weird! This is like freaking 'er xin' and scary! Went to the official website and it's like... CREEPY?!

Yep! That's all! The movies that are in consideration! :)


Monday, March 9, 2009


I think I'm beginning to 'rot'.(Though I had some activities going on) Indecisive parents still wondering if we should go hong kong. Ha. And I sure hope we are because I heard that there are many wholesale outlets there! MY Gosh... shopping WILL definitely make me feel more ALIVE again. The worst thing is that I'm running out of movies to watch too! Arghh... (IF U SEE KAY!)


Saturday, March 7, 2009


Watched 'Push' with shiang ling and my brother yesterday at the AMK. :) (Shiang bought me a pink strap for keys! THANKS, darling!) Haven't been watching movie together since our 'O' Level ended?

This movie is okay la. Some part not very exciting. The filming of the movie, hmm... not very good. But! All movies should at least watched ONCE. :) That's my rule! By the way, both of us did not bring our cameras so... no photos AGAIN! HA! So boring... Always no photos of myself in my own blog... -.- I know you guys misses my face! :P Oh ya! Anyway, I heard that we have to do A MATHS during orientation?! It's like, WHAT THE HELL? They must be kidding man!! I hope this is untrue!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Medical Checkup!

1st: Online Enrollment, DONE.

2nd: School Fees, DONE.

3rd: Medical Checkup, DONE. Just went with Bethany and Wenlin today! :D

4th: Mail Back To NYP, NOT DONE.

Hmm.... I will mail it this coming friday whereby I will catch a movie with Bethany, Doreen, Hweeteng & Wenlin! :D (Not confirm.) OOH! And the Best thing is that Britney's new single, "If U Seek Amy" SINGLE is coming out TODAY!

Her world tour starts today too! MY GOD! She is indeed VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD in dancing! OH! And... And Heroes Season 4 or season 3 part 2 + The Perfect Cut 2(The Channel U, plastic surgery show) are premiering TOMORROW!

OH MY GOD~ I am going to be very busy... ...