Saturday, February 21, 2009

Recieved Nyp Enrollment!

My god! I just retrieve this Bulky envelope from my letter box.! Alright. It contains Bills, Medical Checkup, Orientation dates, Handbook, Blah blah blah... Lots of documents in it but i'm too lazy to 'Check it out'. Right, I Will just wait for my parents to do it! :P HA! [Evil] The only thing that i'm excited about is that I'm gonna have a Notebook!!! Whoohoo! Macbook or pink fujitsu? Shall get troubled with this instead. : ) HEE~ Sigh. Went to the tour agent today and our Japan tour ain't confirmed yet! (Because of the stupid yen. -.-) I am just hoping that we would still be able to go overseas... :(

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