Monday, February 9, 2009

Eating Out With Shiangg

Gone out with my beloved shiangg yesterday to (actually) shop at City Hall, but ended up eating, eating and EATING. First, Ate Sweet chicken wings at clarke quay, "Hooters". Bought really nice and special sweets at "Sticky" and cookie monster muffin at... Oops! Forgot the shop's name.! Anyway, We then head back to kovan to eat pizza hut. OH MY GOD. Gain much weight after eating just FATS!

Then came home and watch "wild child" with shiangg. It's an 'okay' movie for ADULTS. Apparently, The storylines suits better for Kids. :)) It's Nice hanging out with SHIANGG! :D hee!

P.S Pictures shall be posted when Shiangg decided to post... ) :P


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