Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Date with Ah Wen.!

Yesterday was exhausting! SOMEONE even complained that her feet was peeling.... =.= We walked all around Orchard looking for stuff to buy and yes, Wenlin was very lucky! She bought lots of stuff...But not for me. -.- At least, I get to watch Ink Heart!

And I Didn't expect the movie to turn out to be so nice when people kept having 'bad comments' about it. Anyway, It's not that bad okay? Maybe because me and wenlin love fantasy stories. Eg. Twilight. Haha! It's very entertaining! :D We saw a pretty stall selling pretty ear phones and I fall in love with it at the first sight! Wenlin too. If I'm not wrong, She like the heart-shaped ear piece, right? It's really pretty! Too bad! It's expensive~ Sigh. Then we shopped till we forgot to take our dinner until our stomachs growled. Ha. Had to find a place whereby they sell late suppers and Tada! Shaw house.!

Love spending time with my BFF! (Ah wen aka pig) LOL. Wish we will meet again some other time before school reopens FOR US. (SIGH! DIFFERENT POLY leh.) :( Would be glad to be called out again! :D


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