Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bugis shopping spree with BFF.

First Stop: Vivo City.

Guess what/who we SAW?!

Fann wong and Terrance Cao filming! :D Actually I'm not that excited, it's only krsytle. Like auntie, like that! Oops! Anyway,She ran forward and took a few shots! (Unfortunately, they were not very clear... :P)

2nd Stop: Bugis/Haji Lane.

What else could we do?! SHOP! Bought Shirts and accessories! Whoohoo! Then found Pasta Mania, and ate there. Cheap and (sometimes) good! (And I learnt my lesson. 'Not to eat creamy pasta EVER') Okay. Maybe not very often?

Last stop: AMK HUB.

Collected Sims 2 Apartment life and Free time from Bingyuan! MUAHAHA! Thank you bingyuan! FINALLY, I can Start going crazy with Sims! It's super duper FUN! Anyway, I could use my mansion stuff pack to play! No need your disc leh! :D <-- TO: Bingyuan.

And That's all for the day! Will definately miss the laughing and talking that we always had...


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