Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brother's Birthday!

Woke up 'early' today to celebrate my brother's birthday at suntec, ku-shin bo! :D (Jap Restaurant). Ratings: Ambience there was great plus their sashimi was YUMMY!! SOFT AND FRESH! 4 Stars! Finished in 1 hours time so that we need not need to pay EXTRA 6 Bucks!. --> This is called, SMART family! :)) Then, accompany him to gym and yes, my legs and hands are weak now. HA! Thanks to my brother! -.- He watch his Death race during dinner while me and my mum had stuff. Sad boy! BUT, he got lots of BRANDED presents! (jealous). Okay.! Gonna cut the cake Tomorrow cause he's a pig and last of all, I wanna wish him a last HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:D LOVE YOU though sometimes, you maybe bitchy. :P


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