Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Winx club movie!



The new glitter thing is cool! I LIKE IT!

We watch winx club movie today! Er.......right........We were surrounded by parents/nanny and childrens. There's 1 nerdy one sitting beside me who can't survive without her nike ZUT ZUT water bottle. So NOISY! When you finish drinking it will have that weird, 'release air' sound. Like farting. Eee.... Anyway, the front part of the movie was damn boring but the last quarter of the movie begin to slightly improve a bit. Haha.. Lucky, we got the student price. :D Oh ya! We saw ms tey and mrs quek today. haha. They all look the same! : ) It's like going back to Skss? Eeee... I think I will skip this part.

Afterwards, went to krystle's house to taste her pretty little cupcake. The cup cake she made is so HER. -.-..... Dabao one back for my brother. :) haha... He was like, "SO KRYSTLE!" LOL. :P Then went to hougang gym to exercise! Damn tired now but I have to vote for my pop princess britney first before I sleep. It's a MUST. Ok! Gonna go listen my ipod now.! :)

HAHA! KRYSTLE! CUTE?! THE little pixie~


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