Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My teacher treated us to KTV on Tuesday at Cineleisure (Is this how you spell it?). It cost about 200+ Dollars. MY GOD~ It's damn expensive right? Thanks Laoshi! :D Alright, I didn't know they were that high! Alright. THEY WERE SUPER HIGH! Lol.... Standing on the comfy sofa and jumping around! Haha.. It's fun to hang around with ruanners. :) P.S Pictures will be posted when I GET them.

After KTV, Some of us ate dinner at The Cathay and catch a movie. 'The day the earth stood still'. Watched with Chaixia, Kenny, Jonathan & Zhong Xiao. It's a "Er......." Movie... Hate the ending & it's about saving the earth. Haha... Isn't it cool? =.=.


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