Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday celebration?

Celebrated birthday with doreen, hweeteng and wenlin's brotheryesterday with bethany, wenlin. Watched twilight with them and ate at...... oh shit. I forgot the name. : ) Anyway, we were like a bunch of auntie's talking loudly at the restaurant. Especially hweeteng. :P haha! Bethany heard her laughing from a distance! Pro huh? Let you choose a location to take a picture, where would you take? Haha!!! I can tell you that some of them were damn blur yesterday! I don't know who suggested to take a picture in an enclosed area with 4 walls of metal! -.- LOL! That person must be shy right?! :P (Doreen! hurry send me those pictures! :D)

I LOVE TWILIGHT to the core! ;D I love all the charaters! Especially the cullens family & Jacob black (He is damn shuai if he didn't need to wear that wig in the movie...)!! haha! They are damn cute! I wish I can be like Bella, Knew all of them and play baseball with them! IT WILL BE DAMN DAMN DAMN AWESOME! Anyway, I had read all of the books and it's all so NICE! :) Love it like harry potter! Can't wait for NEW MOON!

HAHA! This picture is damn hilarious!


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