Friday, November 21, 2008


I visited my ah ma yesterday, who is in the hospital now. She had fallen down and dislocated her leg. :( wish she will get well soon! Afterwards, went to take X-ray and was lucky to get another woman. (Compared to another young girl, "Chiobu" who is damn strict! Eee...) Make a trip to johor to purchase some 'stuff'. :P And watch Money no enough 2 with my family. What the hell! Why do they want to make the story till so..... Cham! So sad! Wa.... Me, mother and brother kept playing 'hide and seek' when we can't stand the sad part(S). It's REALLY damn sad till can CRY one those type?! So sickening! But not bad la. At least, SOMETHING from local films right?!

Can you see my skull? COOL RIGHT! hee... (from top to bottom if its not OBVIOUS to you)


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