Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie madness!

Big Stan. HA! Nonsense + comedy movie. However, it's duration is quite long.

Penelope. Seems to be a exciting movie but.... turn out to be quite... -.= lame... I think.

Indiana Jones & the kingdom of cyrstal skull. Not very exciting. Maybe after watching those previous Indiana so expectation is a bit high.

Vantage point is quite different from other movies. As in the arrangement is quite different. It take different people points of view. Something like that la.

War. I'm a bit bias cause they got Jet li! Cool actor who can fight well! hmm.... got a little twist to the story too. So its a bit like 'OH!'.

I don't quite know how to rate THESE movies. See your own preference & rate it yourself! :P


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