Friday, September 5, 2008

First time

I had a new experience today! That is.... I ran in the rain today and took a public bus, having people looking at me like I'm an idiotic person? YES! Bryan was there too.. :) But we walked different ways.... There's even an uncle walking past me saying,"Aiyo~ So wet AH?". What am I suppose to do? You can see my bra so what? OOPS! :X Ya.. our uniform is damn translucent la.Woke up early in the morning to attend Science practical(prelim). Soso to me but I didn't know what am I doing for the first 20 minutes. Ate KFC with krystle, bryan, ziya and gary after starving in the AVA room for freaking 2 hours! This is a feedback to the teachers: Bad arrangement.! hee. Sigh! Miss my parents! Yesterday just recieve a sms from my mum! It goes like this.... "We just check in! Remember to bring BAOBAO(my dog)to my room and sleep with her! Love you!" This shows how much she cares about my dog more than ME!!!! AH!!


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