Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Prelim's over & Marked papers are coming back...! Scary~ So far, I only got back SBQ for social studies. I got freaking 11/25. (Failed by pathetic 1.5 marks) -.-.. Conclusion: Humanities, Fail. Then, I was caught by mr zul early this morning for IMPROPER ATTIRE. Because of that, I have to dig & find 55 cents for my bus fare to go back to KOVAN. Oh! Pardon Me, I don't live in SENGKANG. REALLY ah.... brainless man. Told my mum to help me collect my ez-link back & she was like, "WHAT?!" and Blah blah blah... What she say must all be sensored. Too bad. :p Pissed off, not because of me but that, no-words-could-really-describe-him man! TMD.

Even this lion is MORE lovable than YOU! Heartless ZOO. :X


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