Saturday, January 19, 2008

friday mood!


whos doesn't use this technology in class?!

at NYP auditorium!

finally! its the end of the week & i no need to see gary's head lying on my table, teachers 'praising' our class, darren smelling highlighter & poke his nose, mr lio hanging some red cloth which is dead today outside our class alley(it is now hanging downwards), having to see mr donald wan and do 20 sit ups and run 4 laps and..............., having to see my krystle chionging hmwk in class, jason coming to out sits to pull our hair! yes... all these will stop for 2 days. :D was watching NYP co concert just now when everybody went high shouting "mai zhi!"(dont cook in teachew or hokkian?i dunno) but before going to NYP, me and my darling krystle attended the pathetic 9 group chinese ssp. isn't cool?! sigh...... if theres no co... :P

so everybody dont work hard this weekend! let me catch up the pace first lah! alright??! haha... :D see YOU, people, reading my blog a very nice day! : )))


Friday, January 11, 2008

i am the BIG birthday GIRL! :D

in stuffy store room. discussing my presents. :x

spot the thing you gave!

er.... thats my dog at the back. yup.. she likes to pose..

they say this chickens looks like me... sigh.. i look like animals more than humans... -.=

yay! today is my sweet 16 day! :D my BIRTHDAY! i love all the people who gave me presents & who say or sing birthday song! thanks to all of you! :D i shall not type all the names out then! forgive me!!!!!! but i will remember it in my small heart. :p hahaha.. yup! thanks a lot! i really appreciate it & today is my best day of my life! : ))))))

Sunday, January 6, 2008

i think i am back to my primary life....

this is ms cutie table! : p

this is hanboon's wife table. : p

hows our table?! should take more pictures of our class humans table... this is what the school ask the teachers to instruct us to do during the first 3 freaking days. SEE! get what i MEAN? For other schools like zhonghua, sec 4 students would be studying by now. For 'unique' schools like us, sec 4 students would be given out construction paper or book wrappers to personalise our greyish table top. -.= HAHA. isn't our school 'special'??