Friday, December 21, 2007

TRIPLETS birthdays......


thanks to wenlin's bro! his our camera man! :p

bethany & doreen,those who are mad about christmas decoration.


four pretty girls! especially the one wearing yellow! :p

wenlin's brother, wenlin & me, those who likes to help people take picture, jianning fei & walkwalk.

yes! today is hwee teng's birthday! lets sing her a birthday song! lalalalalala... Yesterday was wenlin's brother birthday! lets also sing him a birthday song! lalalalala..... Yesterday Yesterday was Doreen's birthday! lets also also sing her a birthday song! lalalalala...... (so they are one day difference de triplets). went to celebrate with them together. :D i am so BROKE now... -.= sighsigh..... its okay! i want to enjoy before the nightmare of getting our RETEST on the first day of school STARTS! :( SIGH! went to mummum steamboat together at boon keng so that no one will see us. :p why?! because SOME of them are noobs. noobs like what? noobs like haveing the aluminium foil all BLACK in colour when it is suppose to be SILVER. then went to orchard to let people smell how SMELLY we are! if not we will have to squeeze around! :p okay... i wish the birthday triplets bath well and sleep well! nites!(more pictures to be uploaded)


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