Sunday, October 21, 2007

i just help out old folks. -.-

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how i wish i could help out by ushering lor. not performing! -.= but the good thing is that i can go CP with wenlin EARLIER! :D yes... nehnehpok also ROCK BIG TIME. :) haha..... (glad i say that? :p) anyway, this whole performence is like....... okay.. i would not comment.

>>>>>>FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>>

[at CP library with wenlin]

i think the library hates me. i cant find a NICE DAMN BOOK! wenlin, how come you found it? sigh.... NEXT is that we lost all the sugar in the hot sunny day at the big field, so we went to mini toons to buy SOUR sweet to replenish the sugar in our body! (you guys miss out the disfigured face of wenlin when she ate those sweet : D haha) & what happens next is that we became laughing nehnehs again. -.=


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